Knowing what matters to your candidates is essential in this competitive market for talent. As recruiters, understanding the hopes and hesitations people have about the hiring process can help you keep your valuable network of talent on side, and ensure a good recruitment experience. So—do you know what candidates care about?

We sourced burning questions from real job seekers to find out what they wanted to know from recruiters. Their top questions included:

  • How long do you spend looking at a resume?
  • Do you look at my social media?
  • What’s the top thing that annoys you about job seekers?

We put winners of the SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards in the hot seat to answer these questions and more. See how these leading recruiters responded—you could gain some useful insights for your own recruitment process, and you’ll probably find some common ground!

And if you’re passionate about recruitment, the SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards celebrate excellence in the recruitment industry—and the 2019 SARAs are just around the corner. Submissions open on June 13, so keep an eye out.