How to get the most out of your SEEK job ad

Whether you’re replacing a team member or hiring for a new role, recruiting an employee for your business is an exciting time. But advertising online, and making sure you’re doing it right, can feel intimidating.

There are lots of things to consider – how do you make sure your job ad finds the right people? What’s the most efficient way to manage incoming applications? What do you do if you’re not getting enough applications? Thankfully, SEEK is here to help.

“Once you post your ad on SEEK, you’ll have access to a range of tools and services that will help you get the most out of your ad,” says SEEK customer service representative Carol Williamson.

“If you're struggling with anything, please reach out to us. We’re here to help you out at any time to make sure you get the best results.”

Read on for Williamson’s top tips for getting the best results from your SEEK job ad.

Choose the right job ad

SEEK has multiple ad options to provide you with choice and flexibility based on your hiring needs and budget. Our Classic ad is our baseline ad, which provides you with a 30-day listing on SEEK. This is a great ad for easier to fill roles where there are lots of potential candidates actively searching for roles on SEEK. For harder to fill roles or urgent hiring needs, often a Premium Ad can be a better choice, as your ad is featured in priority positions across search, email and app notifications.

You can read this article for more information about which ad type to choose.

Use simple language in your job ad

Your ad will go live immediately if you’ve used SEEK before. If you’ve set up a new account, it will go live in two to three business hours following a security check.

Williamson’s advice to increase the effectiveness of your job ad is clear: use simple language.

“Using simple words in the job title makes it a lot easier for people to find a job ad,” she says. “If you’re advertising for a plumber, for example, include ‘plumber’ and the suburb or town you’re in.

“This is more likely to match with what candidates are typing in. If you have a long-winded job title, it can take longer for people to find your job ad.”

Set up your SEEK Account to help you manage applications

First up, Williamson recommends choosing an email notification setting that works best for you.

“You can select 'never', which means that you need to log in every time to see how many candidates have applied. You can select to receive a daily summary. Or you can also choose to have every candidate's application emailed to you directly,” she says.

Changed your mind? Simply update your preferences at any time, Williamson explains.

When it’s time to review applications, there are tools to help you to sort who might be suitable for the role from who isn’t a good fit.

SEEK’s Candidate Management tool has several features to help you quickly and confidently home in on the best applications. First, it automatically ranks applications by relevance and highlights candidates’ skills and qualities that match your job ad, so you can quickly see if they’re a good fit.

Then, you can use multiple filters to narrow applications down further and sort.

“If a candidate is suitable, you can pop them in the pre-screen or shortlist category,” Williamson says. “If they're not suitable, you can pop them in the not suitable category, and to close the loop they receive an automated email after 48 hours letting them know that they are not suitable for the job.”

If you’ve included screening questions in your job ad, candidates who best match what you’re looking for are sorted into a separate folder.

Take action if you aren’t getting enough applications

Start by getting in touch with SEEK’s local customer service team, who can provide practical advice over the phone or live chat. “We can go through your ad with you, suggest changes and show you how to monitor how your job ad is performing compared to similar job ads,” Williamson says.

SEEK’s Ad Performance report also offers real-time tips and insights for how to improve your ad. “If you’re posting a plumber ad, you can compare it to the other plumber ads that have been posted in your area, and see tips to lift any underperforming ads, like making the salary visible or editing the role title,” Williamson says.

With every ad you place on SEEK, you’ll also receive a list of recommended candidates that match the requirements of your role, along with 1000 free credits which you can use to proactively reach out to any candidates you like. This can help you cast a wider net and speed up the hiring process.

“This is a great tool for reaching relevant candidates, because sometimes people don't see your ad,” Williamson says. “If you spend a little time going through these profiles, you can find great candidates.”

Keen to know more about getting the most out of your SEEK job ad? You can get in touch with SEEK’s local customer service team by phone, live chat or email. “If you feel your ad isn’t performing, we’re here to help,” Williamson says.

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