2016 in Review - Top 5 small business reads
With the New Year just around the corner, we take a look at the top five posts for small business in 2016.
Q1_2016_common interview mistakes legally exposed_1200x450

Common interviewing mistakes that could leave you legally exposed

You might not realise it, but what you consider to be a perfectly reasonable question during an interview could end up landing you in hot water. So what exactly are the potential legal traps in interviews you need to be aware of, and why?

5 steps to improving employer branding

5 steps to improving your employer brand

You can’t opt out of having an employer brand. You can only opt out of managing it actively and effectively. Learn more about how you can improve your business’s employer brand in five simple steps.

Employee benefits: which perks work?

Employee benefits: which perks work?

Dangling flashy perks, such as free food and lease cars, come second fiddle to the more meaningful employee benefits of work-life balance and flexible working arrangements, a SEEK study has revealed.

Why your hiring strategy needs to change as you go from start-up to SME

Interview tips for first time hiring managers

Kevin Jarvis, Director at Robert Half, provides new managers key tips for running a successful interview process

Clayton Utz on managing workplace conflict

PODCAST: Tips for managing workplace conflict

Dan Trindade, a partner at law firm Clayton Utz, talks about workplace conflict and provides some practical ways employers can address it.