Has COVID-19 affected your work? Here are the key resources for help

At the moment many of us are dealing with changes or situations we’ve never faced before in our working lives.

Whether it’s figuring out what financial support you can access, or what your employer’s obligations toward you are, it can feel overwhelming – but having the right information at hand can help.

Here’s a list of the five key government online resources to help you deal with the work-related challenges you might be facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1.   COVID-19.govt.nz

This is the New Zealand Government’s website for information on all things COVID-19, so it’s a good place to start no matter what information you’re looking for. There’s a financial support section outlining what help is available if you’re experiencing financial difficulty. The employees section gives an overview of what you need to know as an employee during COVID-19. There you’ll find information on how the wage subsidy and leave payment work, plus advice for essential workers and people with physical or close contact jobs including how to say safe at work.

  1.   Work and income 

If you need income support or are having financial difficulties, here’s where you can find out what’s available and what you could be eligible for. Work and Income is the department that provides financial assistance and employment services throughout New Zealand. The website’s COVID-19 section is a good place to start. There’s an overview of the benefits and payments available for people who’ve lost their job, had income reduced or need help paying essential costs. If you want to apply for a benefit or payment, you can use the online service MyMSD.

  1.   Employment New Zealand

If you’re facing changes to do with your job, here’s where you can find information to help you know where you stand. You can find out about workplace rules and regulations around modifying employee agreements like your pay or your hours of work, and leave and pay entitlements. Plus, there’s guidance for health and safety in the workplace during COVID-19.

  1.  Sorted

If you need to make financial decisions at the moment, Sorted offers information and advice that could be useful. The government-funded service has a budgeting tool and tips for managing your money during COVID-19. Another service, Money Talks, also has resources including a budgeting worksheet and financial planning tool.

  1.  Getting through together

Issues around work can create feelings of stress and anxiety, and there’s no doubt things are even more challenging at the moment. This online toolkit has tips and advice on how to get through the stress of this time. The government’s COVID-19 website also has advice on looking after your mental wellbeing, including practical tips, where to get assistance and a list of free online resources.