Technical Lead

Manage a technical team and oversee the technical aspects of a project or product.
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What's it like to be a Technical Lead?

A Technical Lead oversees a team of personnel focused on technical developments, such as software development, product research, or hardware innovations. They lead the design, development, and maintenance of software systems, coordinating with teams to resolve conflicts, setting project timelines, and assigning individual tasks. They're also responsible for staying updated with the latest technological developments and implementing them into the team's workflow.

Tasks and duties

  • Managing project scope before, during and post-delivery.
  • Working closely with Developers, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers, Account Managers and Product Managers.
  • Determining requirements and providing project estimates and timelines.
  • Overseeing deployments and new releases.
  • Reviewing code.
  • Identifying and removing bottlenecks that impede the progress of projects.
  • Providing leadership, support and motivation to technical team members.
  • Ensuring project stays within budget and identifying scope creep.
  • Solving issues and developing workarounds and alternative solutions.
  • Ensuring the regular delivery of projects and products in accordance with Agile methodologies.

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LocationNew Zealand

Job opportunities

Technical Lead jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now

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11% increase in jobs ads in the last year
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Latest Technical Lead reviews

Latest reviews from 2 Technical Leads surveyed on SEEK.

Oct 2023
A job for innovative people
Reviewer's Qualification
Master of Information Technology
10+ years
Organisation size
Medium (20-199 employees)
The good things
It is an exciting role for someone who lives in technology. As a lead to technology, you have to play a key role in the industry and work on the cutting edge. You should be curious about new stuff and...
The challenges
Always challenging and innovative. But you need to have a good amount of time to research new tech. But sometimes you will not have it.
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Aug 2023
Rewarding work
Reviewer's Qualification
Diploma of Information Technology
1 – 4 years
Organisation size
Small (1-19 employees)
The good things
Rewarding work mentoring young developers and helping them with their training.
The challenges
Administration with managing multiple people is tiresome but necessary.
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