Talent Search Connect Data Security

Talent Search Connect Data Security

How we keep your data and private information secure when using Talent Search Connect.

Your data privacy is our priority

At SEEK, we believe you should be able to unlock the full potential of your data and get the most value out of our products, while keeping your private data just that – private.

Talent Search Connect allows you to combine the power of your data with our database of candidates, giving you a unique and more holistic view on how to find and engage the right candidate for the role.

You worked hard for your data. When you use SEEK’s products, we work hard to keep your data safe, secure, and private.

Your data is yours – it isn’t shared with or viewable to other customers, and it won’t be used to create or change existing SEEK Profiles or contact candidates who don’t have one. 

If at any time you decide to opt out of using Talent Search Connect, we permanently delete all your data. It stays yours, and always will. 

How your data drives your experience with SEEK

When you integrate your Recruitment Software Provider (RSP) with Talent Search Connect, the following data is used to power your experience and enable features: 

Job information data – Use of this data allows you to easily export candidate profile and CV information from Talent Search Connect directly to a specific job within your RSP. 

Examples of this data include: job title, ID, company and location.

Candidate data – Use of this data identifies the shared candidates across Talent Search Connect and your RSP database, and shows you where the freshest candidate information is coming from. 

Examples of this data include: first and last name, email address, date a candidate’s profile was last updated in your RSP.

RSP Interaction data – Use of this data helps you understand the full relationship history with candidates across Talent Search Connect and your RSP.

Examples of this data include: notes made against the candidate profile in your RSP. SEEK processes Talent Search Connect data to support and improve products and services for customers.

SEEK processes Talent Search Connect data to support and improve products and services for customers.

Anonymised data may be used, but no personally identifiable data will be used by SEEK beyond powering your personal Talent Search Connect experience. Your data stays between us. 

We don’t have any intention to change how we process this data. If there are any planned changes in the future, we’ll be clear and transparent about these. 

How SEEK will keep your data secure

Your data will be stored safely and securely

At SEEK we take your privacy very seriously. We take steps to ensure your data is protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification, or unauthorised disclosure. We store and use your data only in accordance with the privacy laws. SEEK hosts its applications and services with Amazon Web Services (AWS). All the data sources are backed up in a secure location daily and can be used to restore Talent Search Connect in the event of disaster. You can find information about AWS here. 

Your data will not be shared with or viewable to  other customers  

When you use Talent Search Connect, your jobs, candidates and interactions are surfaced for your sourcing and yours alone. Your candidates who don’t have a SEEK profile won’t be contacted by us. Nor will we use your candidate data in any way to edit a candidate’s SEEK Profile or to develop a SEEK Profile for them.

Employee access to your data is limited

Only internal employees who work on Talent Search Connect and who have been granted security approval can access this data. All access to production infrastructure is via named accounts which are attributable to the unique individual. Access to production data is provided only to a select few employees as is necessary to perform maintenance and to support the platform. For internal employees, we require two factor authentication for access to all services. SEEK is continually refining and improving security procedures and controls which are subject to change. 

Ultimately, you control your data

If you decide to opt out of Talent Search Connect, we permanently delete all personally identifiable information and data from the SEEK platform. 

How your data flows securely between SEEK and your RSP

Our teams and processes protect your data and ensure it flows seamlessly and securely between Talent Search Connect and your RSP.

For further information on authentication please visit our Developer Site.

Want more information?

We’re committed to making sure you have all the information you need about your data  and privacy.

The additional resources here provide more detailed information on integrating with Talent Search Connect. SEEK’s responsibilities and obligations on privacy and personal information are set out in our Privacy Policy below. If you have any questions, reach out to your SEEK Account Manager.