What you should expect from a job ad in 2022
Hiring is an essential, ongoing part of any business. But finding the right people can take time and no small amount of effort. 

You should expect a job ad to do much of the heavy lifting for you – but they’re not all created equally. So, what features should you look out for in a job ad now?

The best candidates on top of the pile

Each job ad delivers varying amounts of applications for you to sort through, but you can save time by choosing one that places the most relevant applicants at the top of the pile.

This means you’ll receive an ordered list of applicants based on exactly what you’re looking for – and you can save even more time by viewing resumes and cover letters then and there.

Less time needed to review applications

By choosing a job ad with screening questions built in, much of the work will be done for you. You’ll even receive suggestions of what questions to include based on the role you’re advertising.

For example, if you need someone with a particular qualification, license or even certain experience, you can include relevant screening questions for candidates to answer. You’ll then save time by being able to filter out applications that don’t meet the requirements, so you only need to review those that match what you’ve asked for.

Keep candidates in the loop

Communicating with candidates to let them know where they’re at in the process shows courtesy and respect – and you’re more likely to leave a positive impression, which is valuable for your brand and for future hiring opportunities.

You may not have time to respond individually, but a job ad with built-in tools can help you to close the loop.

A bulk emailing feature is an efficient way to do this. For example, you can select the candidates you wish to contact and create a standard email thanking them for their application and letting them know that they’ve been unsuccessful.

It saves you time – and shows candidates that you value their time, too.

Confirm a candidate’s credentials

Not all applicants may have the credentials you require, but some job ads can show you confirmed licenses and certifications at a glance.

Verification helps you confirm if candidates have the right credentials, such as an New Zealand Driver’s Licence, so only the candidates who meet your requirements will make it through to the review stage.

Job ads should do more for you now, by providing features that make lighter work of finding the right person. The right job ad can make the hiring process faster, easier and more effective – freeing up more of your time for where it’s needed most.

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