Hiring? Here's how to find people with the right credentials faster

It’s no secret that people are the most important asset in any business, but finding the right staff can be a huge challenge.  

One of the best ways to assess if someone is qualified for a role is through credentials such as education, licences, work status and certificates. But sifting through resumés, chasing documents, and verifying that any claims candidates are making are legitimate can take significant time and effort.  

That’s where verified credentials come in. 

Verified credentials simply means that the claims a candidate makes – for example, that they have the right to work, a current driver’s licence, or a particular degree – have been checked and verified by a trusted third party. 

This eliminates admin, saves you time, and gives you confidence to build an eligible shortlist to help find the right person sooner. 

Why verified credentials? 

Often, credentials are mandatory requirements for particular roles. For example, anyone working with alcohol will need a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, health professionals require an AHPRA Registration, and a valid Australian Driver’s Licence is often required for roles in Trades & Services.  

It’s also a legal requirement for all Australian employers to ensure any individual they employ has the right to work in Australia.  

But checking credentials as well as validating that they are legitimate and up to date is time-consuming and takes resources away from more valuable activities. 

SEEK can confirm verified credentials when you review candidates who’ve applied to your job ad. There are more than 20 credentials that can be verified, including police checks, working rights, Working with Children Check, driver’s licence, forklift licence, Manual Handling Accreditation, Food Safety Accreditation, AHPRA registration and more, as well as Australian education qualifications. 

And when you use SEEK Talent Search to proactively find people for the role you’re hiring for, right to work and education credential verification are part of the process. 

This means you save valuable time and effort when you’re hiring. By seeing which candidates have the right credentials for the job from the start, you know who to follow up with. You can also avoid wasting time connecting with candidates who don't meet the minimum requirements for the role. 

This is a huge time-saver down the track too, as the heavy lifting for pre-employment checks and onboarding has already been completed and stored securely. 

How verified credentials help you hire faster on SEEK  

When you post a job ad on SEEK, there are two important steps where verified credentials can help you: screening applications, and proactively finding people for the job. 

Screening people for the job   

When you’re hiring, there are important questions to answer about candidates for the job: do they have the necessary qualifications? Do they have the right experience? Are they available to work the hours you require? 

Verified credentials help you identify people who meet the minimum job requirements from the start. 

When people apply for your job, they’ll be listed as candidates for the job when you log into SEEK. You’ll see a badge or a tick next to a candidate’s name, indicating that the credential they have has been verified. You can also click through to find out more about their credentials. 

So you can confidently shortlist people for the job, knowing that they meet your minimum requirements. Then, you can focus on finding out more about shortlisted candidates, rather than wasting time reviewing ineligible applications. 

To streamline the application process further, you can add these requirements as screening questions when you create your job ad, and then filter and shortlist candidates based on responses to these questions.  

Proactively finding the right people for the job 

You don’t have to rely on applications alone when you’re hiring – you can also take a proactive approach and find and contact people directly. 

SEEK has a variety of proactive sourcing tools to help you find and connect with people who could be a great fit for the job, rather than waiting for them to apply. 

A job ad also comes with a list of 100 recommended candidate profiles that suit the role you’re hiring for, so you can proactively reach out to people who could be the right fit for the job. 

We’ve added trusted credentials to these tools including Right to Work information and education, making it even easier for you to find the right person for the job. 

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