4 signs you've found the right person for the job
Recruiting is without doubt one of the toughest challenges faced by an organisation.

Hiring errors can be crippling and costly, especially in a tightening labour market that is also facing a major skills shortage. This means it has never been more important for you to recruit wisely. 

Luckily, there are some key tell-tale signs to help you hone in on the right talent the second resumes start to hit your inbox. 

As Kimberley Manning, Recruitment Manager at Crown Melbourne points out, “it is important for candidates to have the x-factor and for organisations to be agile in their selection processes in order to find the right people.”

You have a sound selection process 

Building a solid structure around your selection process makes a significant difference.  

Ensure that candidates are selected fairly against the same criteria and that they are invited to provide feedback at various recruitment touchpoints. 

It’s as important that hiring managers are adequately trained in recruitment processes and understand what to look out for in prospective candidates. 

At Crown Melbourne, recruitment teams are trained to review and assess behaviour from the moment candidates arrive at their assessment centre.

“Candidates are observed on how well they interact with others and how entrenched customer service is in their DNA,” Manning says.

Many hiring managers also favour pre-screening tools, such as video screening, as they allow you to focus on compatibility and capability before having to invest too much time and money.  

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They present with a good attitude from the start

“Crown Melbourne’s recruitment team is trained to hire for attitude, an innate and essential requirement for any role,” says Manning. 

To this end, a strong applicant will showcase how they are right for the job from the moment they commence the application process. 

Their enthusiasm will shine through in their cover letter and their resume will highlight their aptitude and compatibility. In short, if they don’t tick the boxes at this point, they are not right for the job.

The questions candidates ask during interviews and the level of eagerness they show is of equal importance, says Manning.

“Hiring managers should seek a fair degree of confidence and engagement,” she says.

This approach will help to determine not only if they are the right person for the role but also their long-term fit and their keenness to progress.

They can communicate their learnings and achievements

Finding the perfect candidate is more than matching qualifications and experience. 

According to Elisa Walerys, Principal Consultant at Transition Human Resources, how a candidate presents themselves and communicates will provide a very strong sense of their suitability. 

“They will have examples top of mind to share and showcase where they have really excelled,” she says.

She adds, “a candidate who has dug deep will stand out,” so look out for those who have consistently made a mark and exceeded KPIs, and be sure to drill down on this during the interview phase.

They have glowing reviews

Reference checks should offer more than merely the final box on the recruitment checklist.

“Glowing verbal references will reaffirm that you have narrowed in on the right candidate,” Walerys says.

A strong testimonial could be just the thing to get someone over the line, help you to choose between two top candidates or reveal high-potential talent who may not have interviewed brilliantly. Conversely, they could help you to filter out candidates who have embellished their achievements.

Endorsements through other channels are also pertinent, particularly the recommendations section on professional networking websites. These written statements can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities, potential and compatibility.