$200K roles and where to find them
Which industries are most likely to pay salaries of over $200,000? What are these top-dollar roles and where are they located?

If you’re an employer aiming to attract the best talent or a recruiter with a keen eye on the salary market, it pays to know the answers. That’s why we’ve crunched the numbers to provide the deepest insight into the $200,000 roles advertised on SEEK.

We’ve sliced our salary data in three ways: by industry classification, by role and by location.

Industries paying $200K salaries

Our industry chart lists the top 10 industries on SEEK that pay more than $200,000 and shows the percentage of these high-paying jobs within them. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leads the way with 17.7% of its roles in this salary bracket. This is followed by Healthcare and Medical (13.3%) and Construction (12.8%).

200k Industry graphs

$200K roles revealed

We’ve also identified the top 10 roles paying more than $200,000. Our data shows that this accounts for 6.4% of Management roles in ICT. This compares to 2% of Management roles in the Sales industry. 

1 Information & Communication Technology Management 6.40%
2 Healthcare & Medical Medical Specialists 6.20%
3 Construction Management 5.20%
4 Construction Project Management 4.30%
5 Healthcare & Medical General Practitioners 4.00%
6 Accounting Financial Managers & Controllers 4.00%
7 Engineering Civil/Structural Engineering 3.60%
8 Engineering Management 2.50%
9 Information & Communication Technology Programme & Project Management 2.50%
10 Sales Management 2.00%

Top-paying locations

We’ve also plotted the $200,000 roles across a map of New Zealand to show you where the highest proportion of these roles are located. Auckland and Wellington are out in front with 56.9% and 20.8% respectively.

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Source: SEEK Salary Review, annual full-time salary averages, 2018/19, SEEK