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Top Christmas-themed jobs

Top Christmas-themed jobs

Looking for a fun and rewarding role this Christmas? There are a number of unique, fun and creative jobs currently available that only exist during the silly season. Here’s an overview of some of the most sought-after positions and their requirements, along with some insights into what skills will help you secure your dream festive job.

  • Santa and Mrs Claus. There is no job more important at Christmas than that of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus themselves! A large number of retailers are looking for the perfect Saint Nick over this period; so if you fancy spreading some festive spirit why not apply for the most coveted Christmas role there is?

    To be successful, you’ll need to epitomise jovial, silly season cheer, and have a certain knack for being patient with children of all ages. Your own white, cascading beard is not a requirement as one will be provided, though applicants will need to sustain merriment for long hours.
  • Santa Photography Assistant. Your love of children and enthusiasm for the holidays will make you an ideal candidate for a Santa photography assistant at your local shopping centre – particularly if you have great organisational skills and a knack for cheering families as they wait in line.

    You may have a customer care or administrative background, but it will be your talent for working with children and maintaining the festive spirit during busy days that will really set you apart. Bring a winning smile and high energy to the role.
  • Christmas Elf. Santa may be getting all the glory at this time of year, but everyone knows that it’s his elven helpers who really set the stage for a magical Christmas. Whether you’re assisting Santa and Mrs Claus by wrangling excited children into an orderly line, or busily organising gifts amid Christmas stockroom chaos, an elf’s job is a busy one – but it’s also a role that offers great reward in terms of cheer and satisfaction.

    To be successful in securing a job as an elf, you’ll need a positive approach and friendly demeanour, the ability to manage competing tasks and priorities, and the physical ability to carry boxes bursting with gifts. Experience with reindeer may be an advantage.
  • Gift wrapper. Can you wrap pressies like a pro while making warm conversation with busy festive shoppers? Are you a dab hand at making odd-shaped items look neatly packaged, while having a certain flair for curling copious amounts of ribbon? A gift wrapper role may be right up your alley, with many retailers and not-for-profit organisations offering paid and volunteer roles in this sought-after niche industry.

    You’ll need to possess a knack for wrapping gifts carefully at unbelievable speed – treating every parcel as though it’s for one of your own loved ones. Those who lack patience while finding the end of a roll of sticky tape need not apply.
  • Toy store Christmas fairies. If being in a toy store at Christmas makes you feel like, well, a kid in a toy store, then you may be the perfect fairy to help Santa and his team of festive retail superstars.

    The perks of this role include indulging your love of Christmas, children and children’s toys, and being part of a busy, magic-making team. You’ll possess outstanding customer service skills, and the ability to have fun and maintain a positive outlook during stressful situations. You’ll also be confident in recommending the right toys to customers – which, of course, means getting hands on while testing out some of this year’s holiday merchandise.