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What's more important to employers - education or experience?

21 September 2017

It’s a question that every candidate faces: what’s more important to employers – education or experience? Consider the following scenario: Candidate A has a university degree and…

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4 things employers wish they could say about your SEEK Profile

14 September 2017

Your SEEK Profile could be the ticket to landing that dream job you’ve been hoping for, but not if you’re missing some the essential information potential employers are looking for.…

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New Zealand’s biggest salaries

12 September 2017

Turns out General Practitioners (GPs) still have the healthiest salaries in NZ. The mid-year health check of average annual advertised salaries on SEEK has revealed that General…

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Industry Spotlight on Accounting

6 September 2017

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Are audition-style interviews the next big thing? (and how to prepare for one)

1 September 2017

Days may be numbered for job seekers who have traditionally been able to bluff their way through interviews as new recruitment techniques start gaining popularity in Australia.…

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SEEK employment summary – July 2017

31 August 2017

July arrived with more good news for candidates across New Zealand. The latest data from SEEK Employment Trends shows opportunities were up by 10.8% and the positive results were shared…

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