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8 tips for second round interviews

11 July 2017

Congratulations! You’ve made it through to the second round. According to Amanda Buxton, Director at Buxton Pratt Consulting, second-round interviews are usually only offered to two or three…

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Why you should stop saying "we" in an interview

4 July 2017

So, you’ve researched the organisation, prepared for a range of interview questions, picked out what you’re going to wear, now it’s time to practice the language you are going to use. You…

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How to toot your own horn: the balancing act

5 May 2017

Bragging about your achievements doesn’t always come easily to us Kiwis. Yet it’s so important. We don’t like to toot our own horn. Yet being too humble can cost you a job, promotion or a…

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May the force be with you to ace that interview!

4 May 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again – a day revered by Star Wars fanatics and pun enthusiasts alike – May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. Get it? ‘May the 4th be with you.’ For those…

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How to ask why you didn’t get the job

27 April 2017

Feedback is important if you don’t get the job. But teasing it out of employers can be hard. Why do employers do this? In part, it can be because the truth may hurt or knock a candidate’s…

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Workplace diversity – what’s really important?

19 April 2017

Diversity has become a familiar buzzword in recent years and many organisations are now committed to increasing their diversity. But what does “workplace diversity” actually mean and what…

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