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What's more important to employers - education or experience?

21 September 2017

It’s a question that every candidate faces: what’s more important to employers – education or experience? Consider the following scenario: Candidate A has a university degree and…

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5 awkward interview moments – and how to bounce back from them

20 September 2017

Job interviews are demanding at the best of times, and then your phone rings or you blurt out a swear word! But it’s not over when something like this happens – if you know what to do.…

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How long should you be in a role to include it on your resume?

19 September 2017

Sometimes jobs don’t turn out the way you hoped they would, and you can find yourself questioning whether you should move on to a new role. But this can quickly lead to another question: how…

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4 things employers wish they could say about your SEEK Profile

14 September 2017

Your SEEK Profile could be the ticket to landing that dream job you’ve been hoping for, but not if you’re missing some the essential information potential employers are looking for.…

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8 people you need for a killer professional network

7 September 2017

You probably know by now that networking is important and developing a strong professional network should be a priority if you want to have a career you love. But it’s equally important to…

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Watch: Some of our favourite dad advice

2 September 2017

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