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How to make the most of your job search

How to make the most of your job search

If you’re looking for a job right now, you may be doing so for a whole range of reasons – perhaps you’re returning to the job market for the first time in years, need to make a change or just want to explore your career options.

Whatever your situation, there are ways to make your job search as effective as possible so you can find the right job for you and take your first steps towards landing it.

Here are five tips for making the most of your job search on SEEK, with links to the tools and resources to help you.

1. Use your profile to help you stand out 

Your SEEK Profile is a key tool to have at the ready to help you find your next role – or to let an opportunity come to you. Using keywords in your profile can help you get noticed by potential employers, so learn more about the commonly searched keywords here and how you can use them to help you stand out.

You can upload your resume to your SEEK Profile and use it to apply for jobs, plus you can choose to make your resume visible to employers so they can see your skills in more detail. You can also showcase your professional credentials by adding relevant licences, certificates, memberships and accreditations to your profile in the Licences & Certifications section.

2. Manage how you appear to employers

While you’re at it, you can also look over your SEEK Profile to ensure you’re sharing the information you want to with employers. You’re in control of how you present yourself, and you can choose whether you allow employers to view or search for your profile and contact you with opportunities. Find out more about this here then visit your profile to select the settings that suit you best.

3. Use simple tech tools to keep tabs on your search

It’s easy to keep track of jobs, searches and applications with a few handy tools. You can do this through your SEEK Profile – just click your name in the top right corner of the screen when you’re signed in and you’ll see it all there:

  • Save your searches and get notified of new jobs– when you search for a job, you should see a blue 'Save' button to the top right of the search results list. Click this to save your search and get notified when new jobs matching it are posted. Your saved search also means you can easily come back to it so there’s no need to start from scratch each time.
  • Save jobs to apply for later by hitting the star or ‘save’ button on a job ad or the search results list.
  • See what jobs you’ve applied for and when, look back over the details and add notes to each one.
  • Get recommended jobs – each day we look for new opportunities for you based on your profile, search, save and apply activity.

4. Try the practice interview builder

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but one of the best ways to ease that feeling and prepare is by practicing your responses to common interview questions. Our practice interview builder is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create your own custom checklist of interview questions. You can choose from a wide range of questions that employers often ask, add your own questions, then download your list to practice with and boost your confidence for your next interview.

5. Get in touch with us

We’re here to help, and there are plenty of ways you can connect with us at SEEK. Our Customer Service team is available to take your call, or you can send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you generally within one business day. You can also find answers to common questions in our help centre. Lastly, if social media is more your thing, join the conversation on our social communities on Facebook and Twitter!