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What's more important to employers - education or experience?

Career advice 21 September 2017

It’s a question that every candidate faces: what’s more important to employers – education or experience? Consider the following scenario: Candidate A has a university degree and… Read more

What's more important to employers - education or experience?

8 people you need for a killer professional network

Career advice  7 September 2017

You probably know by now that networking is important and developing a strong professional network should be a priority if you want to have a career you love. But it’s equally important to… Read more

6 transferable skills that have stood the test of time

Career advice 17 August 2017

Technology is replacing many hum drum or dated aspects of day-to-day work with new opportunities, roles and expanding industries. But what does that mean for the workforce? Business… Read more

This is how being a volunteer can help you land your first career

Career advice 11 August 2017

Calling all students! Do you want to get a leg-up on your classmates and score the industry experience needed to get your first job? You may want to consider volunteering. One of the biggest… Read more

Watch: Keeping your SEEK Profile up-to-date (01:13)

Career advice  3 August 2017

 Read more

Watch: Let opportunity come to you with a SEEK Profile (01:24)

Career advice 26 July 2017

Your SEEK Profile can be your best asset in keeping your career options open. In the last month, employers have connected with over 200,000 candidates like Caroline, Stacey and Ella… Read more

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