The skill every marketer should have in their SEEK Profile

Natalie Rogers, a consultant at Six Degrees Executive, says communication is the single most important skill marketers can have. By including it in your SEEK profile, you improve your chances of attracting the right employers and landing a great marketing role.

  • How to address this in your SEEK profile. Clear, correct terminology is integral to a strong marketing job application. Use simple, affirmative statements to really get your point across. For example: “I am an experienced marketing professional with proven communication skills.” Be sure to state your area of expertise, whether that’s B2B or B2C marketing, content creation or brand identity.

    As marketing roles tend to involve writing, Rogers advises spotlighting your capability in this area. “Highlight your ability to write targeted and engaging content for a range of mediums, both online and offline.” If you’ve got formal training or qualifications in editing or proof reading, call these out too.
  • Where to include this in your SEEK profile. There are three areas of your SEEK profile where it’s essential and easy to call out your communication skills, starting with the Personal summary section. This introductory statement provides the perfect opportunity to explicitly call out your communication skills, and explain how your skills have helped you kick goals. Then in the Career history section you can demonstrate where you have used them.

    Rogers recommends that marketers mention they have the “ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders at all levels, and adapt communication based on the person in question”. It’s also wise to call attention to “your ability to manage stakeholder expectations” by communicating about deadlines, deliverables and priorities, as this is often key to a successful marketing department.

    Where you can demonstrate experience, be sure to add these commonly searched terms to the Skills & qualifications section of your profile:

    - Communication
    - Copywriting for online and/or print
    - Stakeholder management
    - Proof reading and editing
    - Social media and community management

    Listing skills like these in your profile is an easy way to instantly let employers find you based on the number-one attribute for your industry.

    Make sure your communication skills are also clear in the resume you attach to your SEEK profile. Rogers advises, “Communication as a skill should come through in the formatting, as well as the key achievements and responsibilities that are outlined in your resume.”
  • Why communication skills are crucial. Rogers, who manages contract recruitment across marketing, digital and retail, says, “Communication skills are important because marketing is communicating, whether that’s face-to-face, via marketing material or through content.”

    It’s critical that you convey this in your SEEK profile because, as Rogers says, “If you can’t market yourself effectively and communicate in an effective and structured way it will raise alarm bells about your commerciality and stakeholder management skills.” In other words, you’ve got to walk the walk.

In marketing? Want to stand out? Tell employers about your communication skills in your SEEK profile today!

“Highlight your ability to write targeted and engaging content for a range of mediums, both online and offline.” If you've got formal training or qualifications in editing or proofreading, call these out too.