New Zealand's booming industries: Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics was among the fastest-growing industries on SEEK with a 30.1% increase in job opportunities. The industry recorded more than 5,000 new roles year-on-year and the average advertised salary was $66,069. 

Catherine Beard, Executive Director of ExportNZ at Business New Zealand says the lower dollar has also helped boost the manufacturing industry.

One of the big factors behind the expansion is flourishing residential building and commercial construction in Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch, says Beard.

The softening dollar has been a bonus for manufacturers and helped boost exports making local companies more competitive in markets such as Australia, says Beard. At the same time, the increase in confidence has led to innovation in the food and beverage sector in particular.

On a macro level, says Beard, New Zealand has had good GDP growth and the economy is expanding.

“It is like a virtuous circle. If you are adding jobs to the economy, consumers buy more and borrow for housing,” she says.

A look across the country:

Aside from Gisborne which remained stagnant, growth was experienced across all regions of New Zealand. The majority of growth was experienced in Auckland, which contributed 14.4% to the total growth, followed by Canterbury (4.3%) and Waikato (3.6%).

The roles driving job growth:

At a job level, SEEK data reveals that industry growth was primarily driven by roles in Warehousing, Storage & Distribution (7.4%), Machine Operation (3.8%) and Assembly & Process Work (3.3%).

Trending roles in Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics:

Public Transport & Taxi Services saw the largest growth in applications from job seekers with 44.4% more people applying for roles in the profession year-on-year. This was closely followed by Analysis & Reporting roles at 44.4% and Aviation Services at 43.8%. 

Fun fact:

Did you know that New Zealand’s manufacturing sector is expanding and has done better over the last four to five years than Europe, Australia and the United States manufacturing sectors? New Zealand is known for high-value bespoke manufacturing with small tailored runs,” says Catherine Baird.

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