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5 traits of highly memorable people

5 traits of highly memorable people

Being a memorable person is something pretty special. In the employment world, it won’t always secure you a job, but it will help your network grow and very likely surface an array of opportunities throughout your career.

So, if you want people to put your face to your name with ease, consider adopting these five traits of seriously unforgettable people.

  1. Confidence, but not arrogance. Confidence is an inherently memorable quality, because it demands attention. Confidence, however, is not a born quality, and is one that can be conveyed in a simple greeting, says, Robert van Stokrom, National President of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).

    “A firm handshake, smile, and good eye contact during a greeting are enough to indicate the person you’re meeting is confident,” van Stokrom says.

    Confidence is also memorable because it’s assuring. Confident people give off a sense that they know what they’re doing, and believe in it wholeheartedly. Whether you’re meeting a potential employer or a new friend at a party, you remember confident people.

    However, remember that confidence doesn’t equate to being the loudest or wildest in the room. In fact, there’s a fine line between being confident and arrogant, that latter of which is memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Curiosity. Curiosity suggests an eagerness to learn, to find a better way, and someone who is outwardly curious in all aspects of life is a truly desirable person to be around. It’s a trait that can be expressed by something as simple as asking more questions, or in a more intense way, by offering alternate strategies or methodology. These acts show that you’re keen to explore the possibilities, but also open to change. Curiosity is also one of those wonderful qualities that’s contagious, so it’s easy to see why people who are inquisitive are impressive…even if it did kill the cat!
  3. Passion. Passion can feel like a common, overworked quality, but it’s one that is absolutely intrinsic in successful, productive, and you guessed it, memorable people.

    “Passion is motivation and energy,” says van Stokrom. “It shows that a person is driven, is willing to work hard, has ambition, and is eager to learn.”

    If passion is loud in your resume and cover letter and clear when you present at the interview stage, even if you miss out on the opportunity, you can be sure you won’t be forgotten. You may be contacted about another position down the track, or referred to another company. Either way, it’s worth making your passion clear.
  4. Proactive. Like being passionate, being proactive is a term used frequently in position descriptions, but with good reason. It’s a trait that shows you’re a doer, that you’re independent, and likely willing to challenge the status quo. Put simply, you’re capable of doing things better. How could people forget you?

    Van Stokrom says it’s an easily identifiable and very notable quality too.

    “When I meet someone who’s self-reliant, has an ability to take charge, is first to act, and responds well to change, I’m nothing short of impressed.”
  5. They’re great communicators. Being a great communicator is not just about wowing people with your vocabulary, or being a purveyor of hilarious and well-timed jokes. It’s a two way street, and entails being a good, active listener.

    “There’s no position in the world in which having a strong ability to listen, understand and then speak clearly isn’t a positive thing” says van Stokrom. 

So, onward and upward, right? It’s time to get memorable.