Inland Revenue
Inland Revenue is much more than just tax. We play a critical role in improving the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealanders through social support programme payments and providing government with policy advice. To be the best that we can, we need the best people.

Well, yes. And no. Of course that's a big part of what we do (processing over 8 million returns a year is not exactly unimportant). But what you most likely don't know about us is all the other things we do. Like providing services to student loan borrowers, KiwiSaver members, people who receive Child Support, and those who receive Working for Families Tax Credits.

It's a pretty interesting range of services. And that translates into an interesting range of employment options for people who are keen on challenging careers with a range of benefits and unique development opportunities.

We have 17 offices around the country, employing around 6000 staff, and we also have people working overseas. Because of our size, we can offer plenty of opportunities for you to develop skills and change roles within Inland Revenue. In fact, we encourage this. We make a serious commitment to our staff to provide many learning and development opportunities that enable them to do their jobs well. We believe that learning is a journey, with changing needs along the way, and we encourage and support our people to take advantage of the many opportunities available. And we do mean many.

So, if you're looking for a challenge, we suggest you check out the current roles we would like to fill.

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