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Founded by John Wills, author of the brand new book ‘Wages Don’t work’, Custom Residential MREINZ aims to be at the forefront of change and lead the way with customer care, innovations and results based solutions for clients. 
Custom Residential has been founded on the simple philosophy of wanting to improve the whole Real Estate experience for everyone who comes into contact with the industry. 

The Real Estate industry needs an overhaul, and we're determined to give it one.
We will lead the industry in improving the overall real estate experience for vendors, purchasers and professional agents alike.

John has a firm belief that agents are actually customers too. He believes that valuing, training, developing and mentoring agents within a strong team environment can only benefit the individual agent and all of their clients. Agents who are happy at work and are immersed in a culture of customer care, excellence and enthusiasm are the agents who will undoubtedly be most successful.

We love this industry and are actively seeking the right people to go places with us. Click here to visit the careers page on our website.

Talk to you soon.


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