Kia hiwa rā!

Our aim is to employ a diverse workforce who bring the right expertise, experience and attitude to their roles. Employees must have a knowledge and respect for Māori cultural values and customs (tikanga) as well as a strong awareness of and affinity for the needs and aspirations of Ngāi Tahu Whānui. Our guarantee is to be a good employer providing equal opportunities, a safe and healthy working environment and the opportunity to succeed.

Recruiting and retaining talent is a top priority and we understand the importance of attracting and retaining top talent, because of the belief that "getting the right people on the waka" is likely to lead to better employee performance.

With our strategic partnerships we are able to identify ways that create pathways for Māori to enter the rural workforce and grow Māori Leadership in Agriculture with our strong focus on Ngāi Tahu values and kaitiakitanga. Whenua Kura (partnership between Te Tapuae o Rehua, Ngāi Tahu Farming and Lincoln University) offers hands-on training that takes place on our farms. Whenua Kura also helps students get a job at the end of their training and go on to higher levels of Agricultural study at Lincoln University.

Reviewing performance and recognisng the potential of leaders are strategic keys in our organisation's future. We emphasise the importance of our Managers having meaningful career discussions with their employees that are more long-term focused and build capability rather than a short-term focus on their current position and development needs.
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